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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Employee Spotlight

This month we chose to start our staff spotlight off with two incredible employees! Danna Nelson, MDS Nurse and Shalonda Young, Restorative Nurse. These two have been the backbone of our skilled nursing area recently. These ladies have both done their own roles while also working the floor as nurses or CNAs when needed, COVID testing, completing additional documentation, scheduling, hiring, training staff and so much more. They continue to do whatever is needed to get the job done and put our residents first. We are honored to have two incredibly strong nurses on our team! 


Employee Name: Danna Nelson (left) and Shalonda Young (right)


Role: MDS and Restorative Nurse


A little about me:


Dana: I started working for The Gardens in July of 2020 as the MDS Coordinator. I’ve been a nurse for forever. I decided to become a nurse after my grandma suffered from Alzheimer’s, I wanted to help people. In my free time I’m probably doing chores on the farm. We have cows, horses, chickens, dogs, and of course farm cats.


Shalonda: I started at The Gardens in October of 2018! I enjoy Restorative Nursing because I like keeping people active, mobile, and moving. I also enjoy getting the one-on-one time. In my free time I’m always busy keeping up with my kids, engaging in personal growth and reading.

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