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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Activities in Action

Hello September!  Bring on the cool weather, I think we’re ready now!

This month you will find us enjoying bus rides around the town and surrounding areas.  We will have the Freeze ice cream truck here on the 13th at 4:00pm in the back lot.  Young at Harp will be here on the 14th at 3:00pm in the Piano Lounge.  Marci’s Memorables is reenacting Lucille Ball on the 15th at 2:30pm in the 200-hall dining room.  On the 16th, we will celebrate September birthdays with an ‘All About Apples social’ in the piano lounge at 2:30pm.  Jack the Donkey is back at 1:30pm on the 17th in the back lot, invite your friends and family to come meet him!  The George Jazz Trio will perform for happy hour on the 17th from 3:00-4:30pm in the piano lounge.  We have the Indian Creek Nature Center doing a butterfly & insect’s demonstration on the 24th at 1:30pm on the LTC patio.  Happy hour with Bonnie & Mike on the 24th at 3:00pm in the piano lounge.  *All entertainment is subject to change due to covid positivity in the building.

Grandparents Day is September 12th.  This year we would love for all our grandchildren to send in a hug to their grandparents!  Trace your arms and hands on paper or use a ribbon (get creative) and send through the mail or drop off at the front desk.  A big thank you to all the grandparents in our community! First, thank you for loving us even when we were not always lovable. Thank you for the great advice and wisdom you passed on through the years. Thanks for baking cookies with us and for those special times we got to spend with you. Thanks for hugging us, letting us sit on your lap and listening to all our stories, as well as a sad tale or two. Finally, thank you for sharing your lives with us. You helped us become who we are today. You’ve helped make us better people.

Let’s recognize National Assisted Living and Environmental Services & Housekeeping Week celebrated the 12th-18th! When someone is unable to independently care for himself or herself, an assisted living organization can step in to make that person’s life more comfortable and secure. The people who assist individuals needing care are selfless beings who put their heart and soul into their jobs.  We salute and thank those kind and considerate workers during National Assisted Living Week and always.

Ashley Gerlach, Recreational Program Director

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