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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Monthly Gardening from the Master Gardner

I’m here again, Master Gardener.  The week of August 10th was a terrible one.  Once in a lifetime they say, a devil of a storm!  Destruction wherever you looked.  Destroying many pines.  The debris is everywhere and still not cleaned up yet.  It’s more than they can handle, and the city says it will be 6-8 weeks before it is cleaned up and maybe more.  Losing lots of specimen trees were most costly.  Lots of treetops were tore out.  Once cleaned up, the tops will soon start to grow again.  I have lived through 3 tornados in my lifetime and it was scary.  Grain bins were even blown down.  Many flower beds can be replaced by mums.  Make sure they are perennials; they will come back again time after time- your reward!  Many colors are available.  Fall planting is here.  The best value Oriental Lilly’s, my choice, and they are highly scented.  Great for picking for decoration.  Your neighbors will love the beauty.  They are a very good buy for any gardener.  Fall sweet corn is here, “yummy”!  Tomatoes and most vegetables are also ready.  Crops not so nice after storm.  30% of field corn is flat now.  A hard blow with a costly expense.

Master Gardener, Emil Grulke

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