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Activities in Action

Hello All,

I feel like it was yesterday that we were welcoming the warmth of summer.  Now it’s time to welcome fall and all it’s fun festivities!  With the cooler weather upon us we will be spending more time outdoors and enjoying some outdoor events.  We look forward to enjoying fall crafts such as making Falling Leaves Luminary’s, Colorful Corn Ledge Décor and Seed Painting Mosaics.  We will have some Harvest Trivia and A short story called Harvest Festival.

We will be celebrating Grandparents Day on September 13th.  We ask families to please send in (mail, email, or drop off) a trace of grandkid’s handprint and name.  We will do a craft with them once we receive them.  Must be in by Saturday September 12th!  Thanks in advance!                            

We have a lot of other fun activities

going on this month.  We will be making Yarned Wrapped Bee’s, Remembering Writing Letters, listening to One Hit Wonders, talking about Feel Good News Stories, having a Share a Favorite Poem Day, and discussing The Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption.  In celebration of Labor Day, we will be talking about Unusual Jobs and playing a game, What’s my Job?  For our Self-Care Day, we will be making a Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub.  Last month our homemade bath bombs turned out great!  Here’s to another great month!

Ashley Gerlach, Recreation Program Director

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