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The Power of Positive Thinking Renewing Senior Lives

A time-honored song from the 1940s says it all: “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.” Studies have found that actively fostering positive emotions can boost the immune system, stave off depression, and enhance health and quality of life overall.

Choosing a positive perspective

Every person—no matter what age or health status—has the potential for wellness.  Developing a positive outlook can fight diseases, speed up the healing process and avoid returns to the hospital.

Our residents, tenants and family members may be happy to learn that The Gardens of Cedar Rapids is committing even more to our life enrichment programs.  Clearly, we have remained committed to person-centered care and continue to see the benefits of these initiatives for long-term and short-term residents alike.  We know the significance of “life” for older adults and the importance of enhancing the living that goes with it.  

Caring for the whole person

The Gardens of Cedar Rapids is in the process of building a full menu of meaningful activities, from health education and fitness programs to art, music, nature, and cognitive programs.

As wellness professionals, we want to look at the whole person, striving to help each resident not only physically, but emotionally, intellectually, vocationally, socially, and spiritually. Our evolving program will focus on all these areas, with the goal of improving physical health, mental outlook, and social belonging.

When you’re in a care facility, the focus is often on what’s wrong with you—your disability or clinical need. We want to focus on what’s right with you and how we can help you improve your quality of life, continue to do what you enjoy, and adopt a positive mindset.

Whether residents are in short-term rehabilitation or are long-term care residents, our goal is to give them the tools to develop healthy behaviors, enhance adherence to their care plans, and have an abiding awareness of what will improve their well-being.

Celebrating senior health and fitness

We know that a person-centric program is not complete without addressing the needs of the body.  Our staff are being trained to educate and motivate residents, increasing awareness of the benefits of regular physical activity—and making it fun.  Activities range from exercise and strength-building classes to dance, nature walks, and physical games.

“With movement, there’s improvement.” Movement is essential to taking better care of ourselves and maintaining our highest level of function.  Physical activity also releases endorphins, the ‘happy chemicals,’ and that release can help people maintain a positive attitude during difficult times.

Even for those who have traditionally been exercise adverse, it’s important to remember a little bit goes a long way. It’s progress, not perfection. At every turn, the goal is to keep people moving—in the right direction.

Let’s remember…total wellness is key to improving the quality of life for seniors…more to come! 

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