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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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A Note from the Desk of the Executive Director

Another month has passed, and we continue in this pandemic together.   We are so grateful to be working and caring for those who choose to reside here with us at The Gardens of Cedar Rapids.  Keeping everyone healthy is our number one priority.  To do that we must continue to be strict in our use of PPE and implementation of infection control standards.  Although this can be stressful for our team members at times, we know it is worth it.  Not only are these added steps stressful for our team members, it adds time to every task which in turn is stressful for our residents.  The bottom line is that we are in this together.  So please join me in trying to spread as many smiles (even if drawn on your mask) and as much laughter as we can during this next month.  We will all be more thankful for it come December.

Warmest Regards,


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