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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Monthly Gardening from the Master Gardner

Hi All!

Last month flew by!  One of the most exciting things that happened was our new arrival here of A Resurrection Plant.  Very unusual but interesting fern like plant.  Stop by our activity director’s office and get acquainted.  You’ll learn a lot in a short time.  I’m awfully interested in it. 

It's been a busy time for a certain tree.  It’s a lilac tree, smells like hot tea on a cold day!  They are in large or miniature form.  A nice tree that calls for an annual pruning of the dead wood after the flowers die annually.  This is necessary to have better blooms each year.

Now let’s get down to planting flowers, beans etc. It’s been hard to get anything planted because of continuous rain with more in store.  All planting should be done by June 30th.  Make sure you water when required, fertilize, and keep up with weeding.  End result is better food production and better growth.

Emil Grulke, Master Gardner

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