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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Activities in Action

It feels as if summer is finally here!  We have started to take residents on walks around the building to get some fresh air and vitamin D.  As you all know we are still on restrictions in the building and within activities.  We are now able to be in groups of 10 or less while still staying 6ft apart for group activities.  Currently, we are still unable to mingle between wings and different hallways for our safety.  This continues to be a tough and trying time for all, we continue to do our best in all we do here at The Gardens of Cedar Rapids!

We had a great time last month celebrating Nurses week and Nursing Home week!  I hope you all enjoyed it as well!  Thank you to all who sent in family photos.  We had a great time guessing who was who, it was a little blast from the past.  I will be returning the photos this month.  We enjoyed sharing our wisdom and putting our “leaves of wisdom on our wisdom tree.

This month we are starting a walk and talk club.  We will be going out in small groups to walk around the building or inside if it’s a rainy day.  We will be celebrating CNA week June 18th- 24th.  Thank you for all your hard work, you are much appreciated every day!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s!  We will have Donut’s for Dad on Sunday the 21st, and be available for connecting with families in the AM.  Please reach out to my email if you would like to set up a time.  We have reminiscing activities about the Greatest Show on Earth and Dating.  We will celebrate a few special days in history like Radio Day, Automobile Day, Weather Prophecies Day, and An All Wright Day (Frank Lloyd Wright).  There will be a few crafts we will be working on like a community sunflower pot, making post cards, and decorating tin cans.  We will continue to do door to door happy hour carts as this is a big hit!  Please always feel free to share any ideas you may have regarding the activity calendar, I am always open to new ideas!  Here’s to a great month of June!

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