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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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A Note from the Desk of the Executive Director

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to all my Gardens friends and family.  I am so proud of the systems we have created and the great progress that has been made here at The Gardens of Cedar Rapids over the last 3 years.  I love everything about this work and will be back serving this industry sooner than later I am sure.

Until then my family needs me.  As most of you know I am a caregiver for my father who suffered a traumatic brain event at age 58.  His health has declined throughout the pandemic and he is at a tipping point with regard to the next steps in his care needs.  This coupled with the time I missed with my now 3-year-old daughters due to the needs of The Gardens during the pandemic has motivated me to put family first for a while and make sure those I love most, have what they need from me.

I will miss you all more than you can imagine and hope nothing but the best for the next steps here at The Gardens.



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