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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Monthly Gardening from the Master Gardner

Well another month went by!  Our baby Resurrection Plants are making progress in their plant life.  Water and care are the needs of these plants, and a good dry out time.  I would like to include my Grandmothers garden.  She had about a quarter acre to tend to.  I loved going there to help weed the garden.  My introduction to bugs galore!  Potatoe bugs have heavy layers of eggs.  My job was to destroy them by squeezing them.  Stinky but necessary to allow plants to produce potatoes.  My reward was homemade sugar cookies.  I had to take the caterpillar larva off too, which was the beginning of becoming a butterfly. 

Planting season is over now.  We discovered lots of species available this year like miniature sunflowers.  They get up to 8 inches tall and have 6-8 inches of buds.  Rain and heat are very prevalent again this month.  Tomatoes, early beans and most other plants have been planted and in various stages of growth now.  Nice to hear home grown is back again!

Emil Grulke, Master Gardener

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