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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Connecting With Loved One's

Please reach out to the activity department at if you would like to schedule a virtual visit or need help with a window visit.  We connect in various ways to make it easy for all families.   

We would like to introduce a FUN new way for you to easily connect with your loved ones.  Go to to send a thoughtful note to your loved one living in our community and let them know that you are thinking of them!  You can even include a picture.  We will print and deliver your message for you!  It’s all free and it really does brighten our residents’ day to see their loved ones and a special note.  Thank you to all who have sent in HappyGrams to their loved ones!

If you do come to the facility for a window visit, PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOWS to communicate.  We are more than happy to provide a phone if needed to communicate during the window visit.  Thanks for understanding and keeping our residents safe.

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