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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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A Note from the Desk of the Executive Director

A Note from Jenna’s Desk

As we move into the new year with eager anticipation of better and brighter days to come it is important to remember all the good that 2020 brought us.  If this last year has taught us anything it should be remembered that it taught us how strong we are.  We got through 2020 together.  In 2020 we faced a global pandemic, a healthcare lockdown, an economic shutdown, a PPE shortage, a politically polarized nation, a devastating derecho, and litany of changing policies and regulations. Together we faced the unknown, the fear, the heart ache, and the challenges. So, remember the good, the strength, the faith, and the buoyed ability to be hopeful. We will continue to be there for each other no matter what 2021 brings.

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