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A Note from the Desk of the Executive Director

New Year New Accomplishments

We hosted our first vaccine clinic with Walgreens on 1/21/21. I am excited to announce that we had 97% percent of our Assisted Living and Memory Care tenants vaccinated and 96% of our nursing home residents vaccinated.  We had 5 residents/tenants not get vaccinated due to receiving the monoclonal antibody therapy.  Thanks to the hard work our Director of Nursing, Desiree Howard we were able to do this therapy on-site, being one of the only facilities in Eastern Iowa to do so.  We have had a large number of staff vaccinated on the first round, 61% of our over 100 staff members.  Our second clinic will be 2/11/21 where a number of staff members and our independent living partners Prairie Gardens Cooperative will receive their first dose and second doses will be administered for all those in our first clinic.  I am so excited to have so many accomplishments to celebrate already in 2021.

Warmest Regards,

Jenna Gardner

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