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New Enhanced Senior Dental Plan

Senior Dental provides services for our resident’s by coming to the facility and providing them Dental services. They have informed us of a new and enhanced plan option, available in their portfolio. The new plan being offered includes all their signature comprehensive dental benefits and has six additional benefits with the value price of $149.00. The services included in the new plan are:

  1. Two exams annually.
  2. Panoramic films
  3. Interim caries arresting medicament application
  4. Biopsy
  5. Deep sedation-general anesthesia
  6. Unlimited extractions

If your loved one is currently enrolled in their Dental plan and they wish to upgrade to this new plan being offered feel free to contact Senior Dental’s enrollment specialist, Laura Barnhart at (855)-598-8713. Or if you would like to come into our Social Worker, Bridget’s office and fill out the new application and have her fax it, please feel free.

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