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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Activities In Action

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Activities In Action

December will be a busy month for our residents and tenants at The Gardens. With the holiday season upon us, residents and tenants will be engaging in a variety of holiday activities ranging from crafts, baking Christmas cookies, to holiday themed games. Residents and tenants will also continue to engage in their exercise classes which start at 9:30 AM for our Long Term residents, 10:30 AM for our Assisted Living Tenants, and 1:00 PM for our Memory Care residents. These classes are held Monday-Thursday. 

The Gardens residents will also be reengaging with a long overdue activity, facility outings! Assisted Living and Memory Care will be taking a trip to see the Christmas lights around Cedar Rapids on December 9th. Long Term care will be taking their trip on December the 23rd. Lastly, Assisted Living and Memory care will be going on a ride to for lunch on December 30th. We intend to implement more rides for all residents in the coming months, especially as the weather starts getting warmer. 

We have Happy Hour performances every Friday at 1:45 for Long Term care and 3:00 for Assisted Living and Memory Care. We will be welcoming performances by the Accordion Club, Leo and Gail, Flip Side, Stephen Schmidt, and Scott Engledow. 

Join us in celebrating Christmas with our holiday meal on December 22nd at 12:00 PM. Please contact myself or Anthony to reserve a spot!

All the best,

Logan Thompson

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