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Are You Game?

Games Day was created partly out of desperation
in 1975 when an annual gaming convention scheduled for August was cancelled. Games Workshop, a British-based manufacturer of miniature tabletop wargames, decided to sponsor their own Games Day to fill the void. On December 20, 1975, the first Games Day was held in Seymour Hall, London, as an opportunity for game enthusiasts to meet each other and play. Furthermore, it was a chance for Games Workshop to advertise their games and promote gaming communities throughout England. Today, the UK Games Expo is an annual event held in Birmingham, but for many, Games Day remains
a perfect time to play their favorite games, be
they board games, card games, video games,
or strategy games.Health experts have repeatedly demonstrated that habits matter when it comes to brain health. Adding a game night to your lifestyle is a fun way to increase mental stimulation and improve mental acuity. There are many computer games or puzzle websites that promote mental acuity, but many of these are designed 

to be played alone. Tabletop games not only challenge your mind but they promote social bonds as well. December 20 falls so close to the holidays that perhaps visiting family members can be convinced to play. Not only is a new game a great holiday gift but games provide a wonderful and creative way to pass the time with relatives.

Game aficionados have seen a tabletop gaming renaissance during the past few years. While traditional board games like Monopoly, Clue,
and Scrabble are fun, designers have been
busy developing new card, tabletop, dice, and role-playing games for players of all ages. There
are even game-design conferences where inventors showcase their games while attendees get to play them and offer feedback. What new games are out there? Log on to websites like or
to persue the newest offerings. 


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