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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Monthly Gardening from the Master Gardner

Since the last letter many things have happened.  A severe storm hit the area resulting in damage.  Hail the size of a fist.  Most damage occurred in area’s west of Cedar Rapids.  A lot of plants were damaged, canopies and awnings were riddled with hail doing a lot of damage. 

An interesting article appeared in the Gazette regarding a diet that included lots of green veggies and lots of fruit.  Fruits and veggies in your diet can help prevent type 2 diabetes up to 90%, it’s occurring in more people.   

Now down to our vegetables.  Corn and tomatoes are really bearing along with cantaloupe, watermelon, and my favorite yellow melons, beans, peas, and many leaf vegetables.  Weather continues to be hot and wet raising the humidity and sweat in most everyone.  Be careful, heat strokes are sometimes fatal.  Rest under canopy’s or any type of shade when possible.  Make sure water and shade is available to your precious pets when they are out in the heat as well.

Emil Grulke, Master Gardener 

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