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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Resident Spotlight

Betty Brown is Iowa born and raised having grown up in Manchester and moving to Cedar Rapids for nursing school at age fifteen. Betty was a registered nurse all her life. She retired a few times but always came back to work till finally she stayed retired at age eighty.

Betty has four children and a few grandchildren. She loved to travel and would go somewhere new every other year. She went anywhere and everywhere she could and didn’t have a favorite saying everywhere she visited was her favorite.

If you visit Betty’s room, you will see some of her souvenirs that she’s collected over the years. You’ll also see a few Betty Boop items. She was always teased about her name being Betty just like the famous cartoon character Betty Boop so finally she embraced it!

Betty spent most of her life working so now she likes to relax. She likes watching investigator shows, reading mystery books, and doing crosswords. Betty loves coming and playing noddle ball with her fellow neighbors. 


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