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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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Master Gardener

With April finally here Summer is soon approaching and with that, some good ol’ sweet corn! Most sweet corn is shipped in from southern farms in the early spring and summer months and our turn is getting closer each day. Soon we will see Knights Sweet Corn stands in parking lots around town. A true sign of summer! 

Most of us cook sweet corn on the stovetop in boiling water which works best if you’re cooking a few ears, but if you are wanting a quick summer snack, I’m going to share a secret with all of you.

The best way to cook your sweet corn quickly and efficiently is to take your cob and place it in the microwave. Time will vary depending on the microwave but generally it will take a few minutes. Once it’s done steaming in its own husk, cut the bottom and the husk will slip right off! After that just plop some butter on top and enjoy a quick summer snack.


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