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Activities in Action

Spring is here and with that warm weather is quickly approaching. With the celebration of Easter Sunday, April 17th we will be doing some different crafts from Painting with Peeps in Memory Care and Long-Term Care to making Easter Chick Crafts with Assisted Living. We will also be decorating Easter Eggs!

Some other new exciting things going on this month is Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd. We plan on celebrating by making a Chocolate Pudding Cup with Oreo Crumbs and Gummy Worms. We will doing weekly crafts in Long-Term care, Memory Care, and Assisted Living. Some of the crafts are Spring Butterfly Bead Craft, Grow with Kindness Flower, and a Step-by-Step Spring Painting with Assisted Living. A new activity was added in Memory Care called “hoot-enanny” which is a sing along and often times some dancing.

In celebration of May Day on Sunday, May 1st we will be making May Day baskets on Friday, April 29th. May Day is a public holiday celebrated on May 1st and in European cultures its celebrated with dancing around the maypole, singing, and the crowning of the Queen of May. Those older traditions have faded in popularity and since the late 20th century the tradition of giving “May Baskets” is in full swing. The tradition consists of a small basket filled with sweets or flowers and left anonymously on neighbor’s doorsteps. 

April is always an exciting month with knowing that nice weather is around the corner. We all can’t wait to spend the new season together making great memories!

“Spring’ A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be” -UNKNOWN

Kristen Hawkins, Reactional Program Director

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