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The Gardens of Cedar Rapids
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A Note from the Desk of the Executive Director

Since March 4th, with the support of my team, I have been working hard to assure we are operating in the safest and healthiest environment amidst COVID.  March 4th was the day nursing homes across America received the first notice from CMS about required changes due to COVID.  Since then we have received anywhere from twice weekly to monthly notices with additional changes and updates to old changes.  All the while getting similar, additional, and sometimes conflicting updates from the CDC, Iowa Department of Public Health, Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, and the Governor.  To keep up with this ever-changing world of rules I, Desiree, and Matthew share the burden of daily and or weekly calls to explain what all the notices and changes mean and plan what comes next.  There is truly not an end in sight for a reprieve from all these new obligations on the part of management here at The Gardens.  Therefore, we humbly beg your pardon for the changes in operations, the delegation of duties to other team members, and the sometimes slow movement that this pandemic has caused.  We are thankful for your patience and continued support.  I want everyone to know that we are putting our heart and soul into this and are striving for the best for all our residents and tenants. 

Warmest Regards, Jenna Gardner

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