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The Continuum of Care and Why it's Important.

Starting the search for the next phase in you or your loved one’s life can, at times, be overwhelming and confusing. Am I making the right decision? Does this community fit my needs? What happens if my loved one or I need a higher level of care? Whether you’re making this decision on your own, taking recommendations from your provider or family members, or needing a short-term stay after a hospital visit; finding a community that provides a full continuum of care is important.

What does a “continuum of care” really mean?

At The Gardens of Cedar Rapids, we get this question frequently. A full continuum of care provides you the tools for whatever life may throw your way. 

Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation

  • Best for those who need short-term care following an injury, surgery, or illness.

  • The goal of Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation is to create a plan to successfully transition our residents from the hospital to their destination of choice i.e., home, senior living community, etc. by providing the resources and tools to help our residents be successful.

Outpatient/Home Therapy Services

  • Following a Skilled Nursing stay, it is often recommended for home visits to continue providing the resources and tools to ensure success in the home environment. While these services may not be as intensified as Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation, it is a great way to transition back into a patient’s home safely.

Independent and Assisted Living

  • When making the decision to move to an Assisted Living community like we offer at The Gardens of Cedar Rapids, it is important to find a community that brings joy to your transition. Think of it this way; when you move to a community like ours, you’re making one move to a continuum of care rather than moving into a “stand-alone” assisted living where, if you exceed the level of care they can provide to you, you may need to restart the search for another community.

Memory Care

  • Cognitive impairment is often a touchy subject for families and those living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Providing an immersive programming option for those residing in Memory Care is imperative to allow your loved ones to enjoy a fulfilling life with dignity and respect as they progress through the stages of these diseases.

Long-Term Care

  • Long-term care, like making the transition to Memory Care, can be an emotional process for all those involved. The goal when transitioning to Long-term care is to provide the best quality of life for residents, despite the challenges they may be facing. 

You may be thinking, “Sure! All of this sounds great, but where can I find a community that offers all this care?”. The Gardens of Cedar Rapids is a 5-star community that offers all levels of care described above. We believe in providing person-centered care, regardless of what your end goal is. Looking to transition home after surgery? We’ve got you covered; our team works tirelessly to ensure that you have the tools to succeed. Are you here on a Medicare covered Skilled Nursing stay but unsure if it’s in your best interest to go back home? Our Assisted Living community provides top-notch care while understanding the importance of continued independence. The benefits of providing a continuum of care are never-ending; find one place and make it your home, from independent to long-term care, The Gardens of Cedar Rapids can help!

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