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Starting the New Season with Peace of Mind

Older adults are considering downsizing and moving to an independent or assisted living apartment to simplify their lives, maintain their ability to be social with others their age, and for the peace of mind it offers them and their family. It’s often a decision that is put off due to how daunting the task may seem. As you look to Fall and the obstacles that come with Iowa winters, you may wish to declutter in hopes of reducing fall risks or prepare for a transition to a senior living community to minimize the stress of daily tasks or caregiving. Both can result in improved well-being and quality of life.

Think long-term when making decisions to downsize. Your mobility may be great now but if that changes in the future is your living environment manageable? Is there an option to age in place and still feel safe, while enjoying the comforts of home? Planning will help ensure your transition is a success.

Gathering facts and being open to the conversation is very important. Not facing making decisions to downsize as you age can cause an overwhelming burden to your family. The Gardens of Cedar Rapids has been assisting aging adults in making graceful transitions for some time and we have seen older adults try to downsize on their own or refuse to downsize and it leads to exhaustion and increased risk of falling or other health issues. The family must then step in to help make decisions for the aging adult. We also witnessed the opposite scenario where the older adult has their affairs in order and that is such a gift to their children and family. It will save them money by not having to pay high fees to discard unwanted items and provide opportunities for socializing, staying active, and having a helping hand when needed.

Downsizing to independent or assisted living might not make sense in every situation, but it’s worth a look if simplifying life, being close to friends and activities, and having peace of mind appeal to you. Ask an experienced real estate agent to help you determine what your home is worth and show you options for cutting improvement costs. In addition, contact The Gardens of Cedar Rapids at 319-632-1350 if you would like guidance on how to move forward with taking control of your retirement years by enjoying the independent or assisted living lifestyle!

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